Skimming The Till and Murder Book Vol. 1

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First off, with this story and Catching Up, I’ve got enough material to put out a print comic, so that’s exactly what’s happening…

Look at that cover! I can’t get over how in love I am with that cover.

Murder Book Vol. 1 features the above mentioned two stories, both written by myself and illustrated by the super talented Simon Roy. The book goes to print in a couple of days and will, barring any major misfortunes, be back in time for Comix & Stories on August 29th, where both Simon and I will be on hand to sell and sign copies for those interested. The comic is also now available for pre-order through my shop. I’m not going to apply any pressure, but I’d sure like it if people bought copies of this comic (and/or Acts of Violence, which is also available in the shop).

Looks like the turn around time between stories is going to probably always be about two months. I’m about knee deep into the next story, which will be handled by another fantastic artist that, like with Simon, I feel like the luckiest bastard just to have the chance to work with. I think that all of you will be as impressed with this other artist as well. The next story is likely to be over 20 pages, and will probably be printed (as well as posted online) as Murder Book Vol. 2.

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2 Responses to Skimming The Till and Murder Book Vol. 1

  1. You are absolutely right, I love the cover as well…It is illustrative of intrigue and mystery in a very simplistic manner.

    Ron Kerronian

  2. Aw man, this is really awesome. That cover is pure noir, too.
    Congrats, dudes!

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