Skimming the Till

Written and lettered by Ed Brisson
Drawn by Simon Roy

Also by Ed and Simon:

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12 Responses to Skimming the Till

  1. O-L says:

    awesome….. just awesome.

  2. Brian Evinou says:

    This is some sweet stuff Ed. Looking forward to the collected version.

  3. Another great collaboration, guys! Excellent stuff!

  4. That was a Hell of a final page. Nice work!

  5. J. McComsey says:

    Loved it!
    Great read.

  6. alan bunce says:

    Good stuff, Ed! An engaging read and a strong ending. The art works really well too.

  7. Jason C-M says:

    Awesome, man.

  8. John C says:

    Great story, great art! Keep em’ coming!

  9. Suprah says:

    What an ending! Wow!

  10. coboman says:

    I liked the previous one better, but this is still very good.

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  12. Dino Caruso says:

    Awesome story fellas! Love the ending.

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