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I’ve started up an IndieGoGo campaign to help fund the printing of Murder Book Vol. 3. Lots of perks, so please do take a look. I’d love it if everyone could also help spread the word. New Murder Book stories are being produced, but will only be available in print at first. The comic comes out in late March. Out of respect to those donating to the campaign, I won’t be posting the stories featured in Murder Book Vol. 3 online until late May.

Details about the campaign/book:

What is Murder Book?

Murder Book is a series of short crime stories written by me, Ed Brisson, and featuring different up-and-coming artists. Past contributing artists have included Simon Roy (Jan’s Atomic Heart, Prophet), Vic Malhotra (Lucid Proof) and Michael Walsh. Past Murder Book stories can be read on the Murder Book Site.

Murder Book Vol. 3 will feature the stories Midnight Walk, illustrated by Johnnie Xmas and Fathers and Sons, illustrated by Jason Copland.

Midnight Walk is a 6 page story about a man who happens across a crime scene and tries to help, only to become a victim himself. Fathers and Sons is an 18 page tale involving the breakdown of the relationship between two mob men, and the chaos that results.

Generally, I post Murder Book stories to the site as they’re complete, but in order to entice contributors, I’ll hold off posting either story until late May. This way, all contributors will have the stories two months before they’re posted online.

If you dig current and gritty crime comics like Criminal and Scalped, then Murder Book is your bag!

Johnnie and Jason are currently hard at work on the art so that we can debut this sucker at Emerald City Comicon at the end of March. We’re hoping to have the book to the printer the week this campaign ends and everything packaged and mailed to people before the end of March — meaning your perks should start showing up late March/early April.

What We Need & What You Get

We’re looking to raise $1500 to cover the costs of printing the book. The artists have generously agreed to come on board to help with the book, so should there be any funds raised in excess of the printing and shipping costs, then that money will be given to the artists, evenly distributed based on their page counts.

If we fall short of our goal, the book will still be printed and all perks will be fulfilled. I’ll just be running up a credit card bill instead.

Every perk includes something physical. I’m looking at this as more of a pre-order/purchase drive than just a “give us your money” plea. That said, please spread the word! Tell your friends, family and everyone you see on the street!

I’m also offering up my lettering services. Check over there on the right. For $250 I’ll letter your 22 page comic AND send you a copy of Murder Book #3. You can’t beat that with a bat. Need someone to letter your pitch? I can do that too!

Please keep an eye on this campaign, we will be adding art and other process pieces as the campaign marches on. We may be adding additional perks as well!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you’re a fan of Murder Book, we’d love for you to help get the word out. Tell your friends, tweet about it. Steal money from your mom’s purse and send it to us! We appreciate each and every person who helps us get close to our goal of $1500. Seriously. We love you. Hugs, kisses and all that stuff.

Please, help spread the word! Check out the campaign by clicking here.

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