New Comic & Soundtrack!

Ok, so a pretty quick turn around this time. New comic “Settling Up” was drawn by all around good dude, Michael Walsh. I met Michael when he hired me to letter a comic of his. From there, he and I hit it off pretty well, and have been talking about doing some projects together. I don’t want to say too much for fear of jinxing things, but you should hopefully see something from us in the not too distant future — not a Murder Book story, but something in an entirely different and awesome genre.

Sometimes good things come from drunken black-outs. I know this dude here in Vancouver named Copasetic. He’s a rapper and comic nerd and sometimes comes out to the jams. I’m a lover of hip-hop (especially old school). One night, while drunk, I jammed a copy of Murder Book into his hand and told him he had to do a theme track for it. I have almost zero recollection of this, but it sounds like something drunken Ed would do. A few days later, Cope shot me an email to tell me that he’d already started working on the track. A few weeks later, it was in my inbox. It’s some good stuff, and I’m more than thrilled to have a Murder Book theme song.

Check it out!

      MURDER BOOK - COPASETIC ft. Gracelle Bonifacio

Murder Book – Copasetic ft. Gracelle Bonifacio
Producer – Pace Beats
Mastered – Sythe of ILL-Legitimate

Lastly, a reminder that you can pick up Murder Book Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Acts of Violence in the store. Lots of combo deals to be had!

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  1. Karen says:

    L o v e i t. Great beats, sinister yet alluring sounds with words that match any era of the “bad guys”.

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